One of the top scientists’ alarming warnings about vaccines

One of the world’s top scientists has issued a stern warning about the coronavirus and its vaccines. “Stop all Covid-19 vaccines immediately,” he said. Otherwise, an ‘uncontrollable monster‘ will suddenly appear. Scientist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, an expert on vaccine research, warned. Associated with the discovery and pre-clinical research of vaccines in various famous companies and organizations. These include GSK, Novartis, Solvay Biological, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He is also the Coordinator of the Ebola Vaccine Program at the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). He is certified as a renowned Virology and Microbiologist.

He has at least 30 publications. In addition, there are huge achievements. He is currently a neutral vaccine researcher. With this news, he wrote ‘A Final Warning‘, he said that the vaccine of Kovid-19 is a ‘brilliant’ vaccine. This vaccine works at a certain level. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche said a vaccine is a misguided tool that is being deployed around the world. It is currently being used against highly contagious pathogens. On March 3, he wrote in a tweet, “I am extremely concerned about the impact of the mass immunization program in the wake of the Corona epidemic.” Read my global warnings and scientific evidence on this. He gave a link to a site. There is a PDF file. It contains a slide of a presentation that he has created himself. Its title is – “Why shouldn’t the Covid-19 vaccine be used in a mass epidemic?”

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche warns that the vaccine is becoming one of the world’s most destructive germs. The world is creating an uncontrollable monster. In his writings, he says, a relatively less harmful virus is being turned into a massive destructive germ weapon. In this case, one might think of a very small strategy to get to this stage with efficiency.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche thinks vaccine experts, clinicians, scientists are looking at a short-term result. They are not looking at the consequences for the global population. He said it would be proven very soon. Will prove how a harmful virus is being turned into an uncontrollable monster. He expressed concern about the coronavirus’s immune escape. Geert Vanden Bossche said many more viral variants with more infections are emerging. They are able to dodge the body’s immune system. These variants will avoid high levels of immunity in the ongoing vaccination program. In this case, the current variant will not be able to prevent the new variant. In this case, the more we vaccinate Manu during the epidemic, the more contagious the virus will become. These variants work against tickers.

He claims that the basic principle he teaches his students in the immunization class is that no one should be vaccinated when a virus infects the public in a horrible form. If vaccinated in this condition, the mutable virus will change to a new form.


Face mask-clad commuters head to work Japan, Kazuhiro Nogi and Tokyo

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="100">The mask as a product has grabbed a lot of attention suddenly due to the current pandemic. The mask as a product has grabbed a lot of attention suddenly due to the current pandemic.

Everyone has to be seen wearing it when they step outside. It has become the new norm and a common sight on the streets. But in countries like Japan and South Korea, wearing a mask has always been the norm. The people from these countries wear masks on a daily basis to protect themselves against pollution, airborne diseases, germs and also from preventing the spread of germs to others.

The mask, a lot of attention suddenly due to the current pandemic.

There has been a rise in respiratory problems amongst the city dwellers due to which many were seen covering their faces with scarves and stoles for protection.

In India, the air quality in cities like New Delhi has been alarmingly low and poor.

India has largely lifted its nationwide lockdown, and the virus has been spreading at a significant rate, prompting several big cities to impose partial lockdowns.

Eight of India’s 28 states, including the worst-hit Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and New Delhi, account for nearly 90% of cases.

Australia has seen a huge drop in the air quality due to which many in the country started wearing masks…

The recent bushfire in Australia has seen a huge drop in the air quality due to which many in the country started wearing masks. The mask had the reputation of being a clinical product beneficial only for medical workers and patients.

But now due to the environmental and climatic crisis around the world and mostly due to the current health crisis, the perception towards this product has changed overnight.

TECMASK, based in Australia and launched in Japan, became one of the top-selling ­­­masks companies during the bushfire crisis in Australia.


Columnist Says, Meghan Markle Is Being Blamed For Prince Philip’s Death

Meghan Markle, the favorite punching bag of the aforementioned British tabloid set and racists everywhere “including those on our side of the Atlantic” is, unsurprisingly but insanely, already being tied to this geriatric man’s death…

Meghan Markle Is Being Blamed For Prince Philip’s Death

Your grandfather’s in the hospital, you know he’s not doing well, is it really the time you have to put out this interview? And evidently, it definitely added to his stress.

The palace claimed that Philip died in a peaceful state.
<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Markle's treatment by the royal family and the United Kingdom media is due to racism. The Inquisitr reported, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra said her treatment is 100 percent" due to racism.Markle’s treatment by the royal family and the United Kingdom media is due to racism. The Inquisitr reported, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra said her treatment is 100 percent” due to racism.

Still, Markle has received support from various prominent figures, including Gayle King and Oprah.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the accusations of bigotry leveled by Markle toward the royal family have been highly divisive.


Help Poor During this COVID-19 Situation

We want to help the poor people during this critical lockdown situation. In my place, there are many poor people who don’t have the necessary equipment or supplies. They don’t even have any proper idea that what is going on. Moreover, there are people who live in the street. They live on their daily wages. As there are lockdown is going on they are not able to earn regularly. We want to provide them food also and help them as much as we can. Please donate us to help them.

The COVID-19 – Spread over the world . We are planning to protect School children and public peoples. <p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The COVID-19 – Spread over the world . We are planning to protect School children and public peoples in Tiruvannamalai dist., Dhaka, Bangladesh. We cover 500,000 peoples and 200 high and Higher Secondary school student. <br><br><br>COVID-19 Free Distribution Face Mask, Sanitizer The COVID-19 – Spread over the world . We are planning to protect School children and public peoples in Tiruvannamalai dist., Dhaka, Bangladesh. We cover 500,000 peoples and 200 high and Higher Secondary school student.

COVID-19 Free Distribution Face Mask, Sanitizer

Coronavirus Relief Support for Bangladesh
<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Your donation on the project will help us raise awareness, distribute protective gears and continue education from home by Digital Education Initiative Your donation on the project will help us raise awareness, distribute protective gears and continue education from home by Digital Education Initiative


Biden to move up the deadline to make all adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine

President Joe Biden will announce Tuesday that he’s moving up his national COVID-19 vaccine deadline, for all residents in all states to be eligible to receive the shots, by almost two weeks.

Biden is moving the deadline from May 1 to April 19, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters at a briefing Tuesday morning. More, When will everyone be vaccinated for COVID-19? Here’s how the vaccine rollout is going.

All adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by April 19

Biden is also expected to announce Tuesday that the United States has reached 150 million shots administered within his first 75 days in office. He has set a goal of 200 million vaccinations by his 100th day in office, in early May. The timeline moved up his previous goal of making all U.S. adults eligible for a vaccine by May 1

New York and Maryland will open vaccine eligibility to those who are 16 years or older on Tuesday, the day after 12 states did the same as the country continues in its race against spreading variants.


Giorgio Armani Hints at an Acquisition, N.V. Be the Buyer?

Giorgio Armani Hints at an Acquisition, Could Exor N.V. Be the Buyer Gucci-owner Kering or maybe LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

Making the Swiss luxury goods conglomerate’s chairman Johann Rupert the most powerful man in luxury at the moment, as Bloomberg’s Andrea Felsted put it last week, another headline-making M&A transaction may also be in the cards. 86-year old Giorgio Armani recently revealed that he is entertaining the idea of trading in his celebrated brand’s long-standing status as an independently-held entity and partnering with an established group.

That would fall neatly in line with a larger trend of mergers and acquisitions that are running through the fashion and luxury sphere.

A lengthy profile published by Vogue on March 31 provides a noteworthy bit of information on this front.

In between talk of the forces shaping the modern fashion industry fast fashion, sustainability, diversity, e-commerce, resale, etc.

And the enduring impact of the COVID pandemic, Vogue contends that Mr. Armani–who founded his Milan-based eponymous label in 1975 Allows that the idea of Armani continuing as an independent company is ‘not so strictly necessary.

More specifically, the legendary fashion figure says that one could think of a liaison with an important Italian company.

The revelation is striking, given that, as Vogue states, “Mr. Armani has insisted–for years–on his company’s independence, even as Gucci and Fendi and Pucci and other Italian luxury giants sold to the French conglomerates Kerning and LVMH.

Without naming names (and in lieu of any guesswork from Vogue, Mr. Armani provides a couple of potentially significant clues in the interview about what such a deal could look like.

For one thing, he seemingly doubles down on the Italian heritage of a prospective acquirer, saying that a French buyer is not in the cards, thereby, ruling out obvious picks like LVMH and Kerning.

March revealed a new 24 percent stake in luxury footwear brand Louboutin, Exor is certainly not a fashion conglomerate in the same way as Louis Vuitton’s parent or Gucci’s owner.

In fact, the Netherlands-incorporated investment group run by Italy’s Agnelli family-whose late scion Giovanni Agnelli was one of the original founders of Fiat motor company is best known for its holdings outside the confines of the fashion industry.

These include sizable stakes in reinsurance company PartnerRe Ltd., Italian football club Juventus F.C., Italian media group GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, luxury automaker Ferrari, publisher Economist Group, capital goods entity CNH Industrial N.V., and Stellantis, which is the result of the recent merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group and French automotive group PSA.

After all, the group’s acquisitions of Shang Xia and Louboutin have prompted speculation among analysts that it may be looking to build a luxury conglomerate around Ferrari-one of the world’s most esteemed luxury entities-under the watch of Expr Chairman and CEO John Elkann, who is regarded as one of the most talented capital-allocators of his generation.

The grandson of Giovanni Agnelli, 45-year old Elkann is credited with helping to save the nearly-bankrupt Fiat beginning almost two decades ago, and more recently, for pioneering the merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and PSA Group, and creating the world’s third-largest carmaker by auto-sales in the process.

As for existing ties between Expr and Armani, the parties do have a history.


Online business on Facebook also requires a trade license

The trade license fee is 1000 to 1500 rupees. Apart from this, it will cost around four thousand rupees including VAT, signboard tax, physical visit tax.

The Ministry of Commerce has almost finalized a draft titled “Digital Commerce Management Guide-2021” to stop online business fraud and build consumer confidence. According to the guidelines, even if you want to do business on Facebook, you have to have a trade license. At the same time, there are various rules to protect the interests of the consumer, from the order of the product to the reach of the customer.

The Business Standard reported this information in a report. A directive in this regard is going to be issued next month, said the head of the Central Digital Commerce Cell of the Ministry of Commerce. Hafizur Rahman.

In addition to the 1,300 members of the e-cab, there are more than 500,000 small e-commerce businesses doing business using a variety of social media, including Facebook, the report said. Each of these traders needs to get information, VAT registration, tax collection as well as quick trade license to protect the interests of the consumer.

In case of failure to comply with the provisions of this guideline, the authority may take other legal action, including revocation of trade license or company registration of the seller or marketplace, revocation of VAT registration, and the banning of the relevant marketplace. It also said that all relevant laws in the country, including the Consumer Protection Act, would be applicable to this guideline.


Vicky Aisha Showcases Bombshell Booty In Cheeky Thong: “I Made My Shirt Disappear”

The Australian model looked smoking hot in an outfit that left very little to the imagination. Vicky Aisha lit up her Instagram feed with her latest jaw-dropping offering. Vicky grabbed attention by flaunting her voluptuous backside in a printed thing that did nothing but favors for her figure. The photo immediately sparked a frenzy as her 2.6 million followers raced to engage with her on the platform and rewarded her with high engagement stats.

Vicky wanted to know if her followers liked her power pose. She put up a brick background that contrasted with her slick appearance and added a masculine edge to the photo. She then stood with her back to the camera in a dominating stance with her legs slightly apart. She balled her hands into fists and placed them firmly on her waist in a no-nonsense position.

The 29-year-old put her thick booty on display. She rocked a starry navy thong that clung to her ample booty. She paraded the curve of her thighs, backside, and hips in the tiny underwear. The bottoms sat high on her midsection and their cut highlighted her tiny waist and magnificent hourglass proportions.

She went topless for this particular snap, leaving an unobstructed view of her V-shaped back. The dark color of her thong also complimented her sun-kissed skin.

Vicky hid her blond locks underneath a black wig. The thick curly mop of raven hair tumbled down her back and shoulders in casual disarray.


Wheelhouse Launches Digital & Audio Division Signs With Influencer Nikita Dragun

Wheelhouse, the business set up by Brent Montgomery, founder of Pawn Stars producer Leftfield, has launched a division designed to develop content from digital influencers.

The company has launched Wheelhouse DNA to create original content for digital-native talent. It is teaming with TikTok and YouTube stars to develop original content for short-form platforms as well as linear networks and streamers.

It has projects in development at Netflix and Discovery+ and is working on scripted, unscripted, animation programming.

The company has also signed a 360-deal with influencer Nikita Dragun and her management firm, Slash MGMT for long form programming, podcasts, and YouTube content.

The beauty and #apparel influencer has 12.6M followers on TikTok, 8.9M followers on Instagram, and 3.7M subscribers on YouTube and also stars in Snapchat Discover original series Nikita Unfiltered.

Dragun joins the likes of social media star David Dobrik and Hype House, with which Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios is developing a long-form show.

The division will be overseen by Wheelhouse Chief Strategy Officer Ed Simpson with EVP, Digital Avi Gandhi running day-to-day operations and reporting to Simpson…

Cardi B Models First-Ever Reebok Apparel Line in Mesh Leggings, Sports Bras

“This collection gives every woman the product they need to feel sexy and confident; the waist-snatching tights and curve-hugging silhouettes make everybody look amazing,”

Cardi B Kids collection has just dropped

Fresh colorways and a new apparel line designed by Cardi to shamelessly catch some eyeballs.

Cardi B Models First-Ever Reebok Apparel

Cardi B x Reebok’s Summertime Fine Collection includes pastel purple and monochromatic looks.

A look at The Summertime Fine Collection.

Cardi B’s apparel line draws inspiration from the ’90s, Cardi’s memories on Coney Island.

The Reebok x Cardi B Kids collection has just dropped and it’s for all ages and attitudes. Own the playground and check them out.

Reebok Apparel

Matching footwear colorways of the Cardi B Club C are also included in the collection.

The new Reebok x Cardi B collection is now available.

Great Deals With Tasty and Cheap Groceries in Chinatown

Let’s talk about the best places to get cheap groceries in Chinatown! Hawaii has some very cheap groceries in Chinatown, but sometimes shoppers need to look a little closer to find those special deals.

Hawaiian Market

Chainatown Market

Not only will you get a unique cultural experience, but you’ll walk away from your shopping experience feeling like you made off like a bandit!

Search for fresh mango, rambutan, or Luo Han Guo (monk fruit) and you’ll be pleased with the price and quality you find.

Chinatown Hawaiian Market

Chinatown Hawaiian Market

See the Sexy Designer Swimsuits That Kim Kardashian

The verdict is still out on just how cosmetically sculpted Kim Kardashian’s body is. But regardless, a lot of mamas with hourglass figures can take a cue from her when it comes to flattering bikini styles.

Kim Kardashian

We actually think the nude shade of this suit makes it sexier, but also more wearable and forgiving.

Sexy Designer Swimsuits

The 40-year-old reality star looked supremely fit as she flashed her gym-honed figure in throwback snaps after returning home from a girls’ trip to Turks and Caicos.

a lot of mamas with hourglass figures can take a cue from her when it comes to flattering bikini styles.

Sexy Designer Swimsuits That Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Can Even Make A Boring Bikini Look Gorgeous

Kim Kardashian put her ample assets on display in an olive green bikini from her tropical retreat last month.

The 40-year-old reality star looked supremely fit as she flashed her gym-honed figure in throwback snaps after returning home from a girls’ trip to Turks and Caicos.

Kim Kardashian put her ample assets on display in an olive green bikini from her tropical retreat last month

Well, you either need to be a Kardashian or a Jenner to ace such gorgeous bikini looks. Setting bikini trends every now and then, Kim Kardashian slew her summer look with an olive green monochrome bikini in her recent post on Instagram. Even with this simple piece, she looked stunning. With no hint of makeup and her long hair open, the beauty mogul effortlessly aced the oomph quotient. With her perfectly toned body and matching slippers amid rich flora soaking in the sun, she channeled her inner holiday mood.

She has always pushed the notch higher and made classic style statements with all of her looks. Well, we can’t stop admiring and thinking how Kim Kardashian always pulls off all of her looks so attractive & flawlessly.

Kim Kardashian proved once more why she is a master of spring’s most daring trend this week.

The media personality shared another warm-weather snap from her family vacation yesterday, taking to Instagram to debut her color-coordinated look.

The ensemble paired together with a classic green string bikini with matching strappy sandals; the slip-on pair included a plush, athletic strap design, offering a flat contrast to Kim’s typical stiletto heels.

Kim sprawled out against a wooden deck as she posed in an olive green set with matching sandals on her feet.

8 Virgin Killer Sweaters That Are Trending This Season

The internet is going gaga over ‘Virgin Killer Sweaters,’ and we are all for it. A virgin killer sweater is a seductive sweater with an open keyhole back. This sweater has a halter neck and is also known as the ‘sweater that kills virgins

Its seductive design earned it the Japanese phrase ‘‘doutei wo korosu’’ which means that it is so sultry it would literally drive a virgin man to death. Introduced in Japan, this sweater draws its roots from anime culture.

8 Virgin Killer Sweaters That Are Trending This Season “Jun Amaki “

We all love Uber trendy clothes, and the whimsical winter season is no exception to this! The backless design hangs quite low on the back, showing off a good amount of skin. The racy design accentuates one’s curves and is becoming increasingly popular in the West. They are perfect for parties and events and are bound to draw the attention of many male suitors. These sweaters differ in material, color, and design and are both comfortable and attractive.

Want to know which virgin killer sweater would suit you the best? Read on to know more.

Get yours :-

  1. Pxmoda Womens Sexy Backless Anime Cosplay Virgin Killer Sweater Halter High Neck Knit Jumper Vest

2. H&L Japanese Sexy&Cute Anime Cat Embroidary Sexy Lingerie Underwear Cosplay Sleepwear (Black, One Size

3. Sorrica Women’s Sexy Turtle-Neck Crochet Backless Sweater Japanese Anime Cosplay Cable Knit Pullover Sweater Jumper

4. YOMORIO Womens Anime Virgin Killer Sweater

5. YOMORIO Womens Anime Virgin Killer Sweater

6. TOMORI Womens Virgin Killer Sweater Lingerie Set

7. Sorrica Women’s Cable Knit Pullover Sweater Jumper

8. Nicetage Women’s Sleeveless Virgin Killer Sweater

Real Estate, A movie star’s mountaintop mansion

Tom Cruise is eyeing a fortune for his action-packed retreat in the mountains of Colorado, and Warriors star Stephen Curry decided to shed the smaller of his two Bay Area homes. Over in Marina del Rey, retired wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin deemed it time to knock out a sale of his own.

Southern California’s buyers and sellers are always busy, but this week brought some news for renters. Using federal funds from the December stimulus law, the state set up a rental relief program to wipe away accumulated debt and received 20,000 applications in the first 24 hours.

While you’re at it, visit and like our Twitter where you can find Real Estate stories and updates throughout the week.

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